How can Jeremy Corbyn have the audacity and the nerve to try and convince the country the Labour Party is fit to govern when he cannot even discipline his troublesome frontbenchers from keeping themselves quiet on certain issues, or ensure they are at least briefed before they speak to the media. Once again, Mr. corbyn has Demonstrated his complete inability to sack incompetent shadow ministers.

It is still hard to believe that Diane Abbott remains as shadow Home Secretary when she completely messed up her interview on LBC News, failing to explain how much it would cost to fund the police.

And now, the shadow Defence Minister and Labour candidate for Newcastle upon Tyneside Central, Chi Onwurah, has put the fear of God into voters by warning them they will feel guilty if they vote Conservative. She believes a Tory landslide would result in the destruction of our beloved institutions like the NHS and schools. It is like Project Fear during last year's EU Referendum all over again.

She has also demonstrated her disdain towards her own voters, who overwhelmingly voted for Brexit last year, by rebelling against her party leader over a three-line whip on triggering Article 50 and by arguing leaving the EU would cause significant damage to her constituency.

If the Labour leader continually fails to keep his team in toe, there is no way he can possibly lead this country during this unique period in our history. If he cannot discipline his frontbenchers, how can he possibly tame 27 heads of other EU states and Mr. Juncker?