Baroness Meacher's comments suggesting that Brexit should not happen display the utter contempt some in the House Of Lords have towards the people that voted for this radical change. After Gina Miller challenged the Prime Minister's ability to issue Article 50 without parliamentary approval, it is somewhat of a miracle at times that it was able to be legislated in the face of likely opposition in the Lords.

The worst thing about her comments is the awful timing. It is no secret that Article 50 was triggered on March 29th this year. Brexit is happening whether she likes it or not.

She may have a point to a certain extent that the Department for Leaving the EU fail to comprehend the enormity of the task on hand, that's if you take Boris Johnson's contradictions to the Prime Minister's 'hard Brexit' stance literally. Yet let's not blame that on the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, who has had to try and compile a team together to implement the process in a short space of time.

Instead, let's blame it on David Cameron. The man who was so arrogant and so confident of a Remain victory last year that he failed to design any contingency plans in the event of a Vote Leave victory. Baroness Meacher did, of course, do that in her recent interview.

She has a right to be critical about the Brexit process, but to be so judgemental towards this country's voters represents the enormity of the snobbery that resides in the House of Lords.

People wanted to leave the EU altogether, not retain the best parts once we have left. The 52% of electors that chose Brexit last year had enough common sense to realise the whole project is going to inevitably collapse. So yes, Baroness Meacher, voice your criticism of Brexit if you must, but this process is not for turning. The people have spoken.