'Grow up!' Two words a parent would say to their children when they are fighting or misbehaving. And a typical response from one of the siblings being naughty would be 'it wasn't me, it was him/her.' But this is exactly how Spain is reacting in its war of words with Britain over Gibraltar. During today's and last Tuesday's incursions by the Spanish Navy to intercept British waters, the Spanish Government were quick to deny they were provoking the Royal Navy, like a naughty children who fails to take responsibility for their actions. If I were Prime Minister Theresa May, I would inform the Spaniards that they need to stop behaving like children over its historical claim to the Rock.

Some people question the relevance history has as a subject on the National Curriculum, but it is taught to us for a reason; to prevent future generations from repeating the mistakes of the past. Ever since the creation of NATO, Europe has been at peace. With Spain and Britain being key players in this alliance, this has helped prevent numerous European countries engage in conflict over territorial disputes. But what do the Spanish hope to achieve by provoking a fellow ally and (for now) member of the EU?

The point is, history should remind the Spanish of their humiliating attempts to challenge Britain's status over Gibraltar and what happens every time Spain uses an opportunity to challenge the British.

In 1779, the Spaniards allied with the Americans during their Revolution, which culminated in a three-year battle over the Rock in between 1779-82 that Spain lost. They did the same again in 1804 when they joined the French in battling the British during the Napoleonic Wars. But the Spanish were instead occupied by the French.

Now that's what you call karma.

And again, the Spaniards have used another attempt to undermine the British to try and reclaim its sovereignty over the Rock. If Mrs May took Lord Howard's advice literally in the wake of constant Spanish incursions into Gibraltar's waters, it may serve to benefit the current Spanish Government to read some historical textbooks, 'grow up' and accept the Rock will remain British, with or without Brexit.