David Cameron said in the midst of his EU negotiations that if he achieved nothing, he would walk away from his European counterparts and back Vote Leave. The former Prime Minister failed to secure a substantial deal, yet he still led the Stronger In campaign group. Frankly, if he had shown more boldness, he would still be prime minister now.

'One of the greatest prime ministers'

If Cameron instead opted to lead Vote Leave, he could have been remembered as one of the greatest prime ministers in living memory.

For the first time since Thatcher, we would have had a prime minister truly willing to stand up for the British national interest.

In fact, he would have gone one step further than her in pushing for Britain to quit the EU altogether. It was always likely after he vetoed the hated financial transactions tax in 2011.

'Bulked under pressure'

Sadly, he bulked under pressure and failed to persuade the British people of the supposed 'merits' behind his deal.

Now this historic opportunity has been handed to Theresa May, as well as a fight to save the Union.

It is a pity Cameron became so cocky after winning the 2014 Scottish Referendum and the 2015 General Election. Looks like his luck finally caught up with him.