Society must grow and work together but whilst most get a job and work all week, then spend time off relaxing. It often leaves us with little time to pursue our hobbies or ambitions. There is little wrong with this kind of life, as there are those whose ambition is to just live simply with very little complications. Unfortunately, it is perceived by larger businesses that longer working hours means increased productivity even though recent studies suggest otherwise.

Biologically humans only have a certain length of time that they can fully concentrate and be at our most productive for.

Marketing strategies and Consumer profiling dominate modern society, we live within a consumer society that we have little control over.

Reality of ‘full-time’

The term 'full-time' should mean not needing to work more than those hours because this should be the amount required to be able to live comfortably. However, the current working system is regressive and doesn't reward everyone. But most people sit back and let it happen because they become happy with a routine. It is not inherently bad to work hard regularly for little, but it’s a bad habit to accept that you can't do anything improve any complaints. A group of people's voices are louder than those on their own.

No matter how high up a position someone is it should be remembered that everyone is equal, and every individual must stand up for themselves as we are all entitled a real living wage.

The 'living wage' Osborne created is outdated by about 5/6 years.

Society needs to do more to understand each other to help form the basis of cohesion for us all to live in. There much hate and anger in this world and pointed usually towards the minorities within society. If we can understand what motivates us as individuals, we would be in a much better place to help each other when we need to.

The next generation

The younger generation have a lot to look forward to and to fight for. But often within the internet era of clickbait and fake news many people have been made apathetic to societal issues. There is a danger from these that they will repeat the same rhetoric without learning the facts and basis of those issues.

Information is very easily attained but within the same parameters, information is far more easily manipulated to suit whatever agenda.

Social media and social journalism has a duty to make sure that pseudo-facts and news is labelled as such, and that a lot of fake news site present an opinion of an individual as real news. This is dangerous because how can society trust real news and information if fake news elsewhere breaches that trust? This is what is referred to as the ‘post-fact’ era we currently reside in, after Brexit and Trump victories.

From day one at school we are told to sit down, be quiet, do as we are told and never question the teachers and authority, but why? When in later life we need to stand up, voice our opinions, do what we want to do and always question authority because what is important is the ideals that help us thrive as a society.

Path to societal apathy

If we continue to have this archaic view that children need to be told to not express themselves when is the next Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Edward Lorenz, or Stephen Hawking going to come from? These individuals questioned everything they saw and strived to change a fundamental understanding of their fields. Da Vinci’s work with engineering, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, Lorenz’s discovering of the Butterfly effect leading to Chaos Theory and Hawking’s current work within Physics.

The current remit of Education only furthers corporate capitalism that only benefits the 1%. Capitalism had the potential to benefit most people but large corporations and the consumer society have tainted it.

Education sets up people for a factory line when creativity should be actively encouraged. Life is meant for enjoyment not stress but children are statistic that have little human value to the government.