Is there a high-level plot to remove president Trump without a new election or impeachment?

President Trump is telling outright lies about many things and is regularly contradicted by his staff, not to mention all fact checkers. He makes wild claims about others such as I will build a great wall and “I’ll make Mexico pay for the wall”, “North Korea will not launch a missile,” "I’ll make China play fair with their currency,” and he unconditionally supports Russian alleged killer Vladimir Putin even at the expense of presidential prestige - leading some to ask if he is being blackmailed, and others to suggest he is unqualified to lead the free world.

The 25th Amendment

Could it be that the new Administration has a plan, a plan not being told to President Trump, a secret plan worked out with the Republican leadership and to bolster their case they are giving President trump free reign to look erratic and out of touch with reality? Some commentators are already saying that President Trump is acting more like a petulant 12-year-old than the commander in chief of the world’s largest military force and largest economy.

There is a rumor floating around Washington that everyone except the President Trump himself is in on the big secret, even his kids.

The secret plot is based on the fact that, President Trump doesn’t seem to have read the owner's manual (The Constitution) for the ship of state he is now trying to steer.

Therefore the Secretaries in The Cabinet are just waiting for enough cabinet members to be confirmed and sworn in so they can meet some Friday evening when the President is on his way south to Mar-a-Lago for golf and sunshine.

Under The Constitution, if only nine people, eight cabinet secretaries and Vice President Pence, sign a letter saying Trump is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” and send copies to the Speaker of the House and president pro tempore of the Senate, Orrin Hatch of Utah.

Senator Hatch is already the third in line for the presidency.

Speaker Paul Ryan has no love for President Trump. Upon receipt of the letter Vice President Pence is sworn in and instantly becomes Acting President with full powers. That means nine people, only one of whom was elected, can replace President Trump in a few minutes.

More Trump craziness

Although the statute doesn't require any evidence or proof, President Trump is certain to challenge the move so they will need evidence that he is "unfit." Some examples they can use beyond attacking Nordstrom for dumping his daughter Ivanka’s clothing line (which wasn’t selling,) or calling a Federal Judge a “so-called Judge,” or pushing the blame for any future terrorist attack onto the Judiciary. Alternatively, they can look to his claim that millions of illegal voters cost him the popular vote despite zero evidence, or his violation of the Establishment Clause by trying to impose a state religion, or calling the media dishonest because they report what he does not like.

Opponents even in his own Cabinet have plenty of ammunition and Trump is adding more every day.