Three cheers to Patrick McLoughlin, the Conservative Party Chairman, who successfully defended the Government's record on welfare reform during the Andrew Marr Show this morning. He was cool, calm and collected throughout.

Scrutinised on Andrew Marr

He did not have an easy time from Andrew Marr. The BBC presenter really attempted to scrutinise the Government's record on welfare cuts, but McLoughlin was able to reply with excellent statistics that showed how much the Conservatives have already done to change the benefits system in Britain.

'Party of the richest'

Marr attempted to play the 'Conservatives are the party of the richest' card this morning, beating the drum of socialists up and down the country. But after a brilliant result in Copeland on Friday and a Labour Party in crisis, McLoughin was able to prove which party was truly on the side of working people this morning by suggesting that it is this Government that has brought in record employment figures, introduced a wide range of new apprenticeships and cut taxes for the poorest people in society.

Tories are the party of working people

No one ever said sorting out Labour's economic mess was easy, but McLoughlin truly did a service to his party this morning by proving it is the Tories that are the party of working people.