The holiday season is coming up, and as we know, this can be an extremely stressful time for so many. We have so much going on - purchasing gifts, catching up with family and friends, parties to attend, cooking, cleaning and more. So what's the best way in which to cope with the holiday stress during this time?

Acknowledge how you feel

It's ok to feel stressed and anxious. You cannot be forced to be happy just because it's Christmas. For some of us, meeting up with family members we haven't seen all year can be incredibly stressful. Maybe you don't get along with certain family members and find the idea of spending time with them overwhelming?

It's important to how your loved ones that you do care about them - greet them with a hug and do your best to set aside any ill feelings on the day.

Create a budget

Budgeting is something that we often overlook during the holiday season. It's so easy to blow out your holiday savings and create even more debt if you're not careful. You should decide in advance how much you are going to spend on gifts and make sure you can afford this. Alternatively, why not take the time to create some handmade gifts? A handcrafted gift is more personal, cheaper and heartfelt.

Plan ahead

Being organised will help to reduce stress. Many people leave their Christmas shopping till the last minute, don't be that person.

Plan gifts, menus and write your shopping list well in advance. Start shopping earlier in the year. Take advantage of mid-year sales and stock up on some necessary items then.

Take time for your own self-care

Don't abandon your health and wellness during this time. Ensure that you continue to eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest.

If heading out to a party, consume a healthy meal before leaving home. A tummy full of nutritious food will deter you from eating too many treats. Consume a glass of water between each alcoholic drink.

Enjoy some time-out

You will not be thought of as weak or anti-social if you need to take a break. Plan for a daily walk or book a massage.

Ensure that you carve out some time daily to do whatever you need to maintain your sanity.

Learn To Say No

Consider what's most important to you. You are not socially obligated to attend each and every event or invitation. Choose only a few select parties that you want to be a guest of and politely decline the others. Ensure that you have an exit plan in place should you want to leave early.

The holiday season doesn't have to be stressful. You've had a busy year, and it's time to let down your hair and enjoy the remainder. Go out and enjoy!