Christmas time comes with happiness and laughter, celebrated with close friends and family. Whilst we are all enjoying festivities, it is easy to forget about those who for them, Christmas is just another miserable, lonely day.

It is estimated that over 185,000 people find themselves with nowhere to go at Christmas time, with no family, no friends and no home. Seeing happy families come together to enjoy the special day must make them feel that extra bit isolated.

Suicides peak at Christmas

It is often said that suicides peak around Christmas time, people already suffering from depression are pushed over the edge.

The feelings of loneliness increase because everybody surrounding them have people to spend the long awaited day with.

Lots of charities including the Salvation Army do extra fundraising at this time of year in aid of helping homeless people, but should we as a community do more?

Sometimes it is important that we make sacrifices for the benefit of others, most of us have already had an awful year. Many shops and restaurants around the UK offer free food and company for Homeless people at this time of year.

‘Cummin Up Caribbean’ in Lewisham extended an invitation to everyone for a meal and company on the 25th December.

And as Muslim restaurant ‘Shish’ in London said, “No one eats alone on Christmas Day”

Is this enough?

Whilst a few places over the UK do things to help those in need, it still isn't enough to feed the entire #homeless population.

Things that we take for granted may make another persons year.

Its impossible to eat every last bit of the food your Grandma puts on the table on Christmas day, so why not venture out and give the leftovers to those who would otherwise go without. I did this last Christmas and it actually made my day that bit more special seeing people on the street with a big smile on their face, its the simple things.

Understandably we have to look out for ourselves first, so don't try and help others if you cant even help yourself. But next Christmas we as Society should think more about those who are alone and going without. A bit of leftover dinner? Put it in a container and give it to somebody less fortunate. Two of the same presents? Don't take it back, hand it to a homeless person, it will be more value to them than you.

If everybody gives a little, they will receive a lot.