After the recent inquiry on the Hillsborough disaster, there are many including the Orgreave truth and justice campaign, who are wanting an inquiry into Police brutality at Orgreave on the 18th June 1984.

There was discussions about a possible inquiry about police brutality towards the protesting minors, with police officer Mike Freeman who was policing the protest believes the instructions he got were wrong.

There was clashes caught on camera between protesting miners and the police. It wasn't just South Yorkshire police but police from all over the country including the metropolitan police.

Many people believe that the police instigated the rioting and violence, after footage shows a military style operation by the police after you see police officers charging at the protesting minors. There was a series of images showing minors who were arrested by police with severe cuts to the face.

Some people can argue that it is a different police force today than it used to be, but I believe like many others that if the police were at fault, than the one's who instigated the violence should be brought to justice.The reasoning behind this is it could of ended up with more serious casualties than there was. If you also look at it from another angle, many minors got arrested but many of these cases were thrown away by the police.

Questions were raised like If the minors where the instigators and violent towards the police, why were so many of the cases against the miners dropped ? There are rumours that the police changed their statements, which if found true would be case of corruption by the police.

It seems like the police had a agenda against the miners and abused their power to create havoc, then blame the minors and use them as a scapegoat.

England is a country where justice can be upheld, therefore Amber Rudd the woman in charge of the recent decision on opening the inquiry decided not to open the case.

There has been arguments for both sides, many people who believe there shouldn't be an inquiry is because it isn't in the public interest and it would cost too much money to have an inquiry where the money could be spent elsewhere.

However if there is wrong doing by police officers who are supposed to act by the law and they've broken. I believe amongst many others that these people need to brought to justice regardless if it was over thirty years ago. It would be good for the country to finally leave an event that has haunted the country for the past thirty years. As well as closure for the minors and their families involved to have justice and will be able to move on with their lives.