It's that time of year again when for three weeks we join Ant and Dec to watch the daily living of Celebrities in a camp in New South Wales. Despite previous reality show rivals like Big Brother falling by the wayside, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" has experienced continued success over the past decade. A large part of this is down to the challenge format, whereby contestants compete for stars in order to earn food for the camp each day.

Here, we look at the most memorable trials and tests from the past 16 years, ranging from the hilarious to the quite frankly bizarre.

5. Christopher Biggins - 'Night of Terror'

The former king of the Jungle was a late addition to the camp. Before entering he was forced to complete a night in a jungle jail, sleeping in the pitch black with hundreds of rats and only Gemma Atkinson for company. Biggins actually ended up cuddling up to one of the rats, mistaking it for a water bottle before realising and throwing it off the hammock! After what he described as the "longest night of his life", Biggins emerged with a cooked breakfast for his new campmates and was on his way to being crowned King.

4. Ferne McCann - 'Bushtucker Bonanza'

The eating challenge has become one of the most famous parts of the show, and is one of the few trials to appear consistently in every series.

This one, however, had to be the most gruelling one yet as "Only Way is Essex" star Ferne Mcann ate a live water spider. Despite the strange and disgusting nature of the bushtucker in this trial, this one topped the lot, as Ferne chewed on a spider that was about the size of her hand. Seeing the legs of the spider disappear in a way reminiscent of Tarantula entering its nest brought shock to viewers all over the country.

3. Paul Burrell - 'Hell Holes'

Paul Burrell ended up finishing 2nd in this year's show, and in large part, it was due to the performance in this trial. The noises that came out of his mouth during the course of the trial were almost creepy, but overall hilarious. The hysterical repetition of the word 'Snake' during one of the boxes left Ant & Dec in stitches.

2. Shaun Ryder - 'Immunity Challenge'

"It was like putting your hand through a sheet of glass that won't let go". This was the "Happy Monday" stars' review of the bite that was dealt out to him by an angry snake. During an immunity challenge, the Happy Monday's star was searching for keys in a box full of snakes when he was attacked. It took two producers to get the snake off him, after it wrapped itself around his arm. To top it all off, he lost the challenge as well, but survived the public vote and eventually reached the final.

1. Dean Gaffney - 'Bush Spa'

This was undoubtedly the trial of all trials. The hysteria displayed by Dean throughout the live task, has secured him a place in reality TV folklore.

The former "Eastenders" star was a late addition to the camp, and had to face the jungle spa before entering. His reaction to the trial was as unexpected as it was hilarious. He retched and screamed his way through the trial, shouting out nonsensical sentences as Ant & Dec struggled to contain their laughter. And he even came out with the majority of the stars on offer. He left the trial area covered in critters, paint and gunge and could be heard shouting 'Help' in the distance as he walked away.