Many retailers online now show all their Black Friday deals which you can get in store. You don't even have to leave your bed to now get the action from Black Friday. Although Black Friday is meant to be the time to be able to get products at the lowest prices, sometimes the so-called deals can be found either the week before or after Black Friday.

What is the aim of Black Friday?

The aim of Black Friday is to attract customers with all these discounts. Unfortunately, these discounts are limited and run out but at that point, it's too late, you're already in the store or online on their sites.

Whether the item you purchased is in the sale or not you'll buy it because you've seen it.

Are you actually getting good deals on Black Friday?

In terms of the deals, you tend to get items, such as games consoles or TVs, for half the price. But how are companies able to afford to offer this kind of deals? When retailers offer these deals they tend to offer popular products of a lower quality. These lower quality products are known as derivatives. They are normally made of cheaper materials which is why retailers can sell them at a lower price. This also means they tend to fail or break once the warranty expires.

Not all products that are sold on Black Friday are derivatives and a lot of the products are the same all year round.

However, it has also been found out that with some of these products you are actually able to get them cheaper at different times during the year than what they are offered for on Black Friday. There are some exceptions but for most of the time you will end up overpaying for that said discount.

Do you actually save money on Black Friday?

A lot of people will believe they are saving money when in reality they are spending money on items they didn't need. For example, that £80 toaster you didn't need that you got for £40 isn't you saving £40. It means you've spent £40 that you could have saved for something else.

Another thing that retailers tend to do that makes Back Friday a scam, is that the few months before the holiday they will raise their prices to make it look like people are getting discounts.

This is more likely to make people impulse buy because they'll see the original price and compare it to the decent discount they are able to get. Just because an item has a sale tag on it doesn't mean last week it was priced at the higher price.