I was the happiest soul when I heard that Bob Dylan was given the Nobel prizefor Literature. After quite some time the Nobel was given to someone who was worthy of the reception. Also, through this, the Nobel has been able to save itself from the mockery it has subjected itself to especially after shelling out Nobel peace prizes for fun. Awarding Bob Dylan means that the Nobel is trying to see things differently. They are ready to move forward and expand their horizons regarding the categories of prizes. Literature now, is not restricted to books and novels; lyrics can also be awarded in the same category.

This bodes well for both the Music industry and the Nobel committee.

No word from Dylan

Some days ago I read news which said that the The Nobel committee gave up on pursuing Dylan regarding his award. This news kept the whole world engaged. Polarising opinionswere made where the traditionalists claimed Dylan shouldn't have been given the award while the opposite block welcomed it.

Everyone had an opinion or a statement to make. Everyone except Dylan himself. There was no update on any of his social media sites and no statement made to any media agencies. After a five day wait, the artist acknowledged the award on his official site. It was as if the mention was made out of either frustration or he just made it for the sake of it.The above guess is given much more leverage when it was reported that even the mention of the acknowledgement has been removed from the site.

It is anyone's guess whether it was intentionally done or is it accidental. If it was accidental then why wasn't it rectified as soon as possible?

Will he accept the Nobel?

Not trying to be a psychologist or anything, but seeing such responses, it seems that the prodigious singer-songwriter doesn't really fancy being a Nobel awardee.

Although this does seem to be quite odd as he is not the shyest soul around. He is pretty vocal about his beliefs through his songs and in general also.

The restlessness is growing in the wind. We haven't heard anything from Dylan yet which also raises a question as to whether he will accept the award or not.

If that happens then Dylan will join other distinguished personalities who did the same. To name some, Jean-Paul Sartre who declined the Nobel for Literature in 1964 and Le Duc Tho who declined th Peace prize in 1973.