What is stereotyping?

Stereotyping is a huge part of our day to day lives. When we meet a new person, we define them by the way they look, how they dress and how they present themselves to the world. Stereotypingis awidely held image or an idea of a particular type of person. Within the gender groups, there are often more than just one stereotype, males could be seen as masculine, well built and uneducated. However, if a man were to put on a pair of glasses, the stereotype could swiftly change to suggest he is intelligent and well raised. The same can be said forwomen.

Blondes are stereotyped to be stupid, vain and have the perfect body. Whereas if a women was brunet and wore glasses she could be stereotyped as; similar to the male stereotype, well educate. As moral human beings, we know that deep down this is not true. However, we still subconsciously categories people. Not only do we categorize other people but we are stereotyped into a particular category.

Challenging the stereotypes.

In some instances there will be people who do fit certain stereotype. However many people challenge the common stereotypes. Many brunettes will not be that intelligent, males with the stereotypical masculine look will be very sensitive. for example I am blonde and this would suggest I fit in to the stereotype of the unintelligent blonde.

Often people with tattoos and piercings are stereotyped as trouble makers, however, I again challenge this, I have never been in trouble and never strive to be. I'm currently about to embark on my second year of an undergraduate degree, I'm not top of my class but I'm not at the bottom either. However, my hair colour would stereotype me as being 'dumb' and not capable of undertaking a degree of any sort.

None of my features, my behaviours or my style put me within just one stereotype. Many people, including myself, challenge the common stereotypes. So what does this mean for the younger generation and how will it effect them in the future?

How are stereotypes effecting the younger generation?

As technology grows so does the mediated world we live in.

When young people are discussed within news, it is often due to crime and violence and not our achievements. Thus helping to solidify the stereotype of young people being trouble. This refers to my earlier stereotype suggestion of tattooed and pierced people; it is often the younger generation that is put within this stereotype further solidifying the idea that we are all trouble makers. Not only this but as the media continues to growso does the coverage of the how beauty is portrayed. The stereotype of beauty is perceived as being skinny, tall and with perfect features. Stereotypes like this are blinding people and making them feel as if they should fit this stereotypes whether they be males or females. This will ultimately have an affect on how young people strive to look and create a low opinion of themselves and this is not how we should have to live our lives.