Trump always in hot water

While it would be very unusual for a judge to do it, Donald Trump has already said enough nasty things and accused him of being biased that he could easily be charged with contempt and required to either appear in court and apologize publicly or face jail time.This is all happening because Mr.Trump’s Trump University (which was far from meeting the requirements to be a U.S. University) has been accused of essentially being a fraudulent enterprise where elderly and desperate people were pressured to buy course material and the main goal wasn’t actually to teach them anything, but to get them to charge more and more on their credit cards.

This is a class action suit on behalf of thousands of consumers who it is alleged were basically scammed out of up to $35,000 for real estate training.Of course Mr. Trump is no stranger to court actions, having over the years been the subject of more than 3,500 lawsuits.Among other things Mr. Trump has told rallies that the judge in the Trump University case has “an absolute conflict of interest because he is Mexican,” and a member of the Latino Lawyers’ Association (a group of U.S. lawyers and judges.)Trump also said, “who we believe is a Mexican” of Judge Curiel who is an American citizen who was born in the U.S. state of Indiana but is of Hispanic heritage, just as Mr. Trump is of European and Scottish ancestry.

What the judge can do

That said, Trump is in a unique position and has a unique kind of forum for his insults and accusations. If he keeps them up, the judge may be forced to take action.What the Judge has done, despite the vehement protests of Mr. Trump and his representatives, is to order the documents in the case unsealed, meaning they can be seen by reporters and the public.Another thing which foreigners and even many Americans don’t know is that while Mr.

Trump says he can’t release his taxes as every other candidate always does, it's because he is under audit.But while it is true he is being audited, the tax returns are already filed and the Government has them all so there would be no additional exposure to Mr.Trump in the audit by making them available to the public.Unless, that is, his returns would show he isn’t nearly as wealthy as claimed or that he hasn’t been a big supporter of Veterans groups in the past as he also claims.

Mr. Trump tends to get extremely agitated and go into incoherent rants when reporters or anyone ask him for some facts they can double check, such as the names of the Veterans groups he says he has donated so much to. He finally did so and at the same time berated and showed his contempt for the reporters who had simply ask for a list of the people who got donations, many of which were apparently only made within a day or two of his announcement. All this could begin to crimp his Trump's Social media image.His comments about the fact that the amount was less than initially claimed being due to reluctant or slow donors when it came to actually sending him the pledged money is perfectly reasonable.

All of this controversy gives fuel to his potential opponents, either Clinton or Sanders whom he has declined to debate..