The World Economic Forum (or the junior Bilderberg Group as some call it) held their annual jolly at the Alpine resort of Davos where a cup of coffee cost you €20. Two thousand five hundred politicians, celebrities, and business leaders from around world gather each year for this meeting. Delegates include 53 people who own as much wealth as half of the world's population, and representatives of over 1,000 multinational corporations all of which are support global Government and open borders.

One of the most significant topics discussed at Davos concerned the growing disconnect between citizens and the power elites.

Everywhere in the world citizens no longer trust their governments or the legal, medical and academic professions, finance and the mainstream media:

"If this growing disconnect between governments and citizens is not fixed rapidly, there can be no legitimate, accountable and trusted global cooperation, problem solving or governance." - WEF Everybody’s Business Report, 2016

Prominent among the proposed solutions was the denial of a platform to the public voice. We have already seen newspapers and current affairs television become more attached to the official narrative (the science is settled, Russia are the bad guys, genetically modified crops can feed the world etc.) The public, the people who once would expound their opinions to a small audience in their club or local bar and now find a wider audience in internet forums are unfit to comment on things that need to be left to the self elected members of the self styled global elite, we are told.

A paper titled "The Global Redesign Initiative published by the WEF proposes curtailment of free speech, already being put into practice by nations such as France and Germany and supported by US and British leaders and many academics, and a transition away from government decision making by assemblies of elected representatives into a system of global governance whith decision making power vested in committees of appointed bureaucrats and 'experts'.

To put it bluntly the elites are abolishing democracy by stealth by stealth, replacing our model of representative democracy by public voting with appointed governments which will make laws and negotiate policy decisions on a global scale. Their policies will then be rubber stamped by a powerless elected body to maintain the illusion that ordinary citizens matter.

Any proposal in which a self-selected group of ‘stake-holders’ (mostly corporate lawyers and economists which make decisions on our behalf is a truly terrifying thought to anyone who values freedom.

Other topics of discussion at this meeting include: Middle East conflicts, the fact that Donald Trump is the front-runner for the Republican presidential candidate (which means the globalists don’t like him), technological innovation, Agenda 21, all .of which are covered in THIS VIDEO

Next time you hear politicians and 'billionaire philanthropists' talking about equality, or celebrities wringing their hands over poverty issues, remember that for several decades the system these people created has given us a rapidly widening wealth gap not just between nations but between the rich and poor within developed nations.

The European and American middle class is diminishing. If we continue to allow control freaks and their sycophants to rule us, we look forward to a time when the one percent control everything and the rest of us work at government assigned jobs, and must spend our earnings in ways approved by The Controllers. The nightmare society of Aldous Huxley's 1928 novel Brave New World has never been closer to becoming reality.

And will be be equal? As Aristotle said two thousand years ago, "The greatest inequalities arise from attempts to make unequal things equal."


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