Yes, this really works, as can be easily seen in the image on the left of the text! But before you get the first step, you must ensure that you can change your name on Facebook. It must pass two months after the last change of the name that Facebook would allow you to do this again. However, I'm sure it's worth the wait!

It is also possible that Facebook may limit the number of name changes for users who have abused this option. In this case, if you want very much to have a single profile name, you need to create your new Facebook account. Apart from all these, I recommend you use a new account to make this name change, then you can follow the same steps for your own account.

Ready? Go!

  1. Change proxy server settings: To have single name on Facebook, you need to use an Indonesian proxy. You must first search on Google a list of Indonesian servers, then try a few of them to see which works. It's simple: start from accessing the Google's Settings, choose Advanced Settings, then Network Settings and LAN Settings. Tick the box "Use a proxy server for your LAN" and complete the Address bellow with the Indonesian code as is shown in the picture aside. After doing this change, make sure it is working fine on Facebook.
  2. Change Facebook Language: On Facebook General Account Settings, choose Edit Language and then select Bahasa Indonesia language. Attention! Once you change the Facebook language, you have to proceed to the next step using only the visual memory, if you are familiar with Facebook Settings. If not, I suggest you open another Facebook account to help you when edit your name.
  3. Change your profile name: Also on General Account Settings (in the Bahasa Indonesian language) choose Edit Name and change your name by removing the Last Name. The only name that will appear on your Facebook profile is the First Name, so if you want to change it you must do it now, because you won't be able to make another name change for the next 60 days.

After you complete all these three simple steps and verify if the name change was correctly done, you can remove the Indonesian code from the LAN Settings and reset the English language on Facebook.

Good luck! ;)