If you haven't seen the last two episodes of Grey's Anatomy please stop reading now. Spoilers ahead.

Since the beginning, Grey's Anatomy fans have been accustomed to strong emotional changes along the plot. In season one, we had the shocking news that Derek, a guy who seemed perfect, was in fact married. In season two, we were introduced to Finn, the vet, and were not sure anymore if DerMer was going to be a thing while, at the same time, dealing with all that Alison stuff. In season three, Derek and Meredith break up after Christina is left at the altar.

Should I continue?

Ok. In season four, we have that whole Ava situation, while Derek started dating Rose and new interns arrived at Seattle Grace; and we meet Meredith's little sister. Season five, after the "house of candles" scene, we see Derek and Meredith finally back together and having their post it vows and everything seemed it was going to be fine. And then it came season six and people started dying. George got hit by a bus. Who saw THAT coming? And then what? Izzie leaves, Alex is left alone. Meredith finds out she is pregnant, only to lose the baby after Derek is shot by a maniac (who also kills several other doctors including Percy and Reed)! And Christina has to operate on him on gunpoint.

So, yes, very dramatic.

And season seven wasn't much happier. Callie got in a car accident, almost dying and leaving baby Sofia without a mother. And then comes season eight, and Grey's little sister dies. On a plane crash. Which kills her and Mark, leaves Arizona without a leg, Christina traumatised and Derek almost loses his hand, Meanwhile we are dealing with MerDer's struggle to conceive and then Meredith finally gets pregnant only to have her child in the dark because of a freaking storm!

Oh, and Richard is electrocuted and almost dies.

Next, in season ten, April leaves Matthew at the altar and marries Jackson (yay), later they find out she is pregnant, Christina leaves and we find out Meredith has yet another sister and she is Richard's daughter(!). And then we arrive at season eleven, where April and Jackson find out their baby is very sick and choose to abort, Callie and Arizona try to work on their relationship, but that doesn't work, And Derek is offered a job in D.C.

And here is were fans' problems begin.

Yes, Derek has to choose between an opportunity of a lifetime or the love of his life and their family. Let's face it, Meredith wasn't being of any help. For months we, the fans, have been watching their love being tested, trying to live apart but, at the end, love spoke louder. Derek returned only to get killed by a car. We get to see them reconnect, make new plans for the future and promising never to leave again. And then BOOM, that truck hits Derek's car and everything changes (again). Yes, it is very sad. But honestly, for MONTHS they have been building this story arch. And for months I'm thinking "ok, he is going to die." Eventually. And I was right.

And I didn't mind it. We are at season eleven. Many things have happened, people come, people go, people die. The only two left are Alex and Meredith.

Fans are asking to bring Derek back. Do we really want that? This is a drama Series, is not a sci-fi one. Grey's Anatomy does not bring people from the dead. Move on. Derek is dead. Meredith has now three children and has to continue with her life as best as possible.

Shonda Rhimes delivers on her shows. Every single one of them is gold. She knows what she is doing. 

So lets all say goodbye to Derek. It's been a good run. But now, rest in peace.