A protest against the global dependency on Oil and society's 'car culture' is returning to London on 9 June 2018.

Delivering a cleaner, safer world

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is a global protest movement, with thousands of cyclists taking part. Events take place in over fifty countries worldwide, including around 3,000 participants in major cities across the UK. The vision of the movement is to "deliver a vision of a cleaner, safer, body-positive world".

Cyclist vulnerability

It is also the world's biggest naked protest which represents a symbol of vulnerability of the cyclist in traffic.

The ride also aims to raise awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets, which is a commonplace problem in London. Transport for London (TfL) reports that 4,424 pedal cyclists were involved in a collision in 2016, 8 of which were fatal and 446 of which were serious. This ride hopes to change this by obtaining real rights for cyclists.

The best fun you can have on two wheels

The official World Naked Bike Ride for London Facebook page states: "as well as promoting healthy life choices it can also be the best fun you can ever have on two wheels".

The event has a devil-may-care, festival vibe to it. Cycling enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes and ages are encouraged to show up and strip off (nudity is optional, however - their motto is "bare as you dare") and decorate themselves with colourful body paint and snappy slogans.

It's also proud to be a ride which celebrates the body freedom and individuality.

The legality of nudity

Arrests are rare at WNBR events. Local police have officially acknowledged the legality of full nudity at all UK rides from 2007 onwards.

Organisers state to participants that: "nudity is not illegal in England, as was established in the Sexual Offences Act 2003, but using nudity to intentionally cause harassment, alarm or distress may be illegal.

“Don't act offensively and you are unlikely to be arrested."

Organisers work with the police and volunteers to patrol the events, and the intended route is published prior to the day to ensure members of the public can stay clear if they should wish to.

Join the ride

This year's London World Naked Bike Ride starts from locations across London including Tower Hill, Regents Park, West Norwood, Hyde Park, Clapham Junction, and Kew Bridge.

Starting times vary depending on the location, so consult your local WNBR branch’s Facebook page for exact timings.

Remember: nudity is optional. However, if you do decide to "bare as you dare" it is advised not to disrobe before the start of the ride.