Last week I wrote an article to highlight the way homeless people are treated by the public and certain organisations. Since then I have come across so many kind people and organisations who work tirelessly to help the homeless. It's just as important to highlight these good people .

As most people in Manchester know, we have a large homeless population and while this shouldn't be the case, there are places to go for help if you do find yourself homeless.


One such group is called "Coffee4Craig". Their Facebook page states that they began after a man named Craig White died while living on the streets.

While the situation is a tragic one, "Coffee4Craig" became the light at the end of a very dark tunnel for many other homeless people. Their website explains the help and support they offer those who are homeless, from everything starting with basic short term needs such as food and clothing (donated by the public) to helping them to find somewhere to live in the long term.

Homeless rights of justice Mcr

Another group of people who are doing their bit to help are "Homeless rights of justice Mcr". They have set up a Facebook page and are supporting the homeless camp in Manchester. There's often calls for clothes donations or volunteers on there, which many kind people respond to. Updates on the protest can also be found on there.

The people's assembly

There's also, "The people's assembly" who strive to campaign for change on many issues including the cuts which lead to homelessness. Whether you have anything to give or not, this just takes time and perhaps bus fares.

Help is still needed

Of course there are many more organisations and individuals who give their time and/or resources so tirelessly.

Just a simple search on Facebook and Google can lead to finding a multitude of them. There would never be enough room in this article to mention them all. Even small acts can bring a smile to someone's face, especially if someone is so used to being ignored. Although just because there are so many people and organisations already helping, this is no reason to do nothing. The more people working together, the quicker a solution can be found.