Samantha Markle, the half-sister of Prince Harry’s bride-to-be Meghan, has said that her father Thomas Markle could still attend the royal wedding this weekend. He has already said that he won’t be coming to the ceremony, following a public humiliation as he was found to have staged some paparazzi images of himself trying on suits in anticipation of the big day. It was pretty misguided, but he’s fairly new to this fame and being-in-the-public-eye thing.

Samantha Markle appeared on “Good Morning Britain” yesterday to explain that she had spoken to her father and that he was feeling “depressed” following the embarrassment of the paparazzi scandal – but she remained hopeful that he would have a change of heart by the end of the week and come to the wedding anyway.

Besides, he was already planning to walk his daughter down the aisle and it would be a huge shame not to do that out of embarrassment.

Thomas Markle predicament is ‘an unbelievable series of events involving the media’

Samantha Markle said that this whole predicament that her father has found herself in is “an unbelievable series of events involving the media.” But it all unfolded so quickly that perhaps his emotional response and his pulling out of the wedding ceremony was a snap reaction. The bride’s half-sister couldn’t make any promises about her father’s attendance at the wedding (or his alleged heart attack), but did say, “I hope so.”