While Meghan Markle is eager for Prince Harry to get “his soldier body back” in time for their wedding by quitting smoking and cutting back his alcohol intake, the prince has invited his old army buddies from the time that he served on the Military in Afghanistan to perform ceremonial duties on the big day. One of these officers has said that he was met with “stunned surprise” when he received an invitation to the royal wedding.

Over 250 soldiers will appear at the royal wedding

More than 250 troops have been appointed for these duties, but only the select few that Prince Harry served with will receive the honour of “pride of place” right outside the chapel.

In other words, they’ll be standing just a few feet from the rest of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, and this – paired with the fact that they have to rehearse for their ceremonial duties and then perform them on the day – has gotten some of them “nervous” about the event, one officer admits.

Captain William Calder said that his family are “pretty excited” that he will be leading the other soldiers in a royal salute on the day of the wedding, but that responsibility has not come without accompanying nerves. He admitted that, given how close he and his comrades will be to the royals, he is “a little bit nervous” about the ceremony, which will take place next Saturday, on the 19th of May.