Burger King has successfully acquired permission to serve Alcohol which has is only up to 5% strong in its select outlets in United Kingdom. Thus it will now serve beer in its branch at London's Waterloo station in a cup.

Beer will be available at the said branch only between 11am in the morning to 8pm in the night. The restaurant chain acquired the permission to sell alcoholic beverage from Lambeth Council. There are a few rules though which the drinkers and the outlet will have to follow, one of which is that it has to be consumed strictly only on the premises of the outlet and purchased along with Food.

Extra stringent rules like Beer staff training, installation of CCTV cameras and improved supervision have been imposed by the Lambeth Council in order to curb alcoholic hooligans from creating any kind of mischief by taking undue advantage of the permission. Though it’s just the Waterloo station which has been granted the permission for now and reportedly two other stations were denied the permission, Burger King is reportedly hoping it’s just one of the many to follow. The burger giant had applied for permission for sale of alcohol at its Victoria and Paddington station branches but the Westminster Council had scrapped both the applications due to strong opposition from the police.

This year so far has been full of Burger King executing their business plans rather sporadically in UK which began with their delivery service being extended to 42 restaurants across United Kingdom.

The rivelry between McDonalds and Burger King has always been apparent. But McDonalds looks in no such hurry and is unlikely to follow the suit.

This is the first time in UK that a large fast food giant has been granted the permission to sell alcohol long with its food. With rules and regulations in place and the deadline of 8pm, the permission granted appears harmless indeed. Burger King no more will be just a fast food hang out joint but also a place you can grab a beer and enjoy your fries, responsibly that is.