Acquiring a routine to stay in shape is a difficult task. Sometimes, only a few sessions are needed for the motivation to be lost. The reason? Soon the Exercises seem monotonous and we see that the flaccidity does not retract as quickly as expected. Although there is hope. It's called functional training and could hold the key to success in just three steps.

What is functional training?

Dumbbell work is obsolete if you want to define your arms. Functional training is based on working with a purpose. The goal can be to improve health, walk with less effort or perform more.

This discipline is based on alternative techniques to the traditional gym, working on multi-joint movements. before, we worked in isolation on a group of muscles such as biceps, quadriceps or abdominals; now it is known that it is more beneficial to exercise them together.

The focus on the middle zone

The king of functional training is in the center of the body. The so-called middle zone allows a transfer of force through the kinetic chains.There are several investigations that point to this body area as the most effective formula to put the body to the point. One of them made by Springfield College indicates that combined with a Swiss ball, it increases the benefits of this type of training.The reason is that to control the instability of the ball, more muscles are strengthened with less effort.

The idea is with this tool is to tune up the body in a fun and effective way carrying out only three exercises.

Squats with a ball

The ball is placed between the wall and our back. The work consists in bending the knees until forming a 90º angle and returning to the initial position. Between eight and 15 repetitions are necessary, according to the physical state of each individual.

Next, it is recommended to maintain the posture between 10 and 30 seconds. Perform 3 series, resting between 30 and 60 seconds. If we want to increase the difficulty, we can add some dumbbells and perform push-ups with our arms in a coordinated way. By maintaining the static position at 90 degrees (Around 10 to 30 seconds) we perform an arm extension and maintain the position during the same time.

And last but not least, Abs with a ball

The ball is held between the feet so that the knees and thighs form a 90° angle. This exercise is done in the following way: First the position is maintained for ten seconds. From here, move your legs towards the ground and repeat the movement 10 times. Then, recover the static position for another 10 seconds.To achieve results, it is necessary to complete three series with a break of 30 seconds between each series.