Would you Exercise to earn your lunch? It's certainly a new idea, and in fact, it's another world-first for London with the launch of the special new Run for your Bun pop-up cafe. Devised by David Lloyd Clubs, the gym opened their doors to a new temporary venue in Covent Garden last week.

Run for your Bun - before you can walk!

Run for your Bun served up tasty lunches - options included avocado with juicy tomatoes, goats cheese, chilli & lime on wholemeal bread and a grilled chicken burger with garlic mayonnaise, among other delicious choices. Way better than the regular fast food some of us turn to too often! But staff at Run for your Bun refused to take cash or even a credit card.

Instead, its customers paid with exercise, with a micro six-minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) session to be precise.

The work-out involved rowing machine, spinning machine, running machine and some simple calisthenics exercises - with just a 30-second break between exercises.

Run for your Bun opened at a good time

The venue opened at a timely moment, at the beginning of the year as many people start a new health kick. And, according to new research by OnePoll, the average office worker spends about 90 percent of their working day sitting down.

What does this mean? In an average year, office workers could be spending almost 70 days not moving. In fact, many workers spend around seven out of eight working hours sat down each and every day.

Which is not considered healthy, especially when we're all eating more too.

The survey of 1,000 workers from twelve UK cities found almost a third of those with desk jobs (28 percent) will eat their food at their desks every working day. It is hoped the Run for your Bun cafe will encourage sedentary office workers to fit whatever exercise they can into their day.

Easier said than done, but as we all start our new year health plans it's certainly proved that we can do so much more to make a better use of our lunch breaks!

After all, exercise isn't just about looking better. It's about feeling better too. And your boss should be happy too because many people work better after a lunchtime exercise too - perfect for a more productive afternoon.