A woman whose only name this reporter obtained as Germaine has prayed the Centre Magistrate Court in Yaounde – Cameroon, to grant her divorce with a man she has been married to for 18 months. The woman, who recently got married, is vexed about her husband whose name we obtained as Achille, as he cannot get an erection like other men. When the case first came up for hearing, Germaine told the Court she and Achille were both members of a Pentecostal Church which forbids prospective couples from engaging in pre-marital sex.

She said she had a great love for children and would want to abide by the Biblical principle of going into the world to "multiply and fill the Earth." But considering the fact that her husband is not likely to make her fulfill this dream, Germaine is asking the court to grant her a Divorce so that she can get married to someone who will be able to impregnate her.

Erectile dysfunction

When the case came up for hearing on September 26, 2016, Germaine reiterated her stand; even further accusing Achille of having lied to her. “He told me he was in good health and in the best of physical condition, but 18 months after our marriage, he has not been able to consummate it,” Germaine cried out.

She said after they had declared their intention to get married to one another, it took them two years to finally arrive at the wedding. Germaine noted that during the long waiting period, her anxiety went full to the brim, only for her to find out that her husband could not secure an erection for sexual intercourse.

Germaine lamented that she had to adhere to the advice of her Man of God, who insisted that she must not succumb to any sexual advances from Achille until the marriage was properly sealed; while the husband-to-be also kept assuring her that the future would be a bright one for both of them.

Fatal disappointment

She disclosed that on their first night together, Achille complained that the hectic activities of the wedding had rendered him too tired to be able to make love to his newly wedded wife. “He told me that we should postpone the consummation of our marriage until a later date. As I kept on waiting, he pretended he was sick and said that the doctor had advised him to finish with his medical treatment before engaging in sexual intercourse,” Germaine disclosed.

She added that she even spent her personal money in an attempt to help Achille regain his health but as days passed into months, his condition did not change, prompting her to become suspicious. “That was when I stumbled on his medical report from where I read the diagnosis of the medical doctor. Achille is impotent and cannot make love to a woman.

All the members of his family knew this but no one warned me,” Germaine lamented.

When Achille was called up for defense, he told the court his wife, assisted by her ‘impostor’ father, had sent him packing from their matrimonial home.Germaine’s lawyer asked the Court to make Achille to pay damages amounting to three million FCFA to his client for time wasted and other inconveniences.

The case has been adjourned to October 18, 2016.