Thousands of people struggle with this on a daily basis, and the reason why they keep putting up with it is mostly lack of proper information. Although there are dozens of different causes of back pain, such as muscle strains, nerve problems, and arthritis, some treatments prove to be efficient in providing pain relief in most, if not all cases. Here are the top five treatments you can do in Dublin.

Atlas realignment

Although it’s a recently developed method, the Atlas realignment treatment has already proven to be most efficient in relieving back pain.

It’s based on the fact that many health problems are caused by the misaligned first cervical vertebra, which is also known as the Atlas. The treatment involves massaging the area in which the Atlas is located, which results in its being placed back in the original position. Many people report having their back pain issues resolved completely, while most others are saying that the pain has subsided significantly.

Deep tissue massage

There are plenty of different massage techniques, but none relieves back pain like deep tissue massage. It focuses on relieving tension in connective tissues, fascia, and deep muscle fibres. Physiotherapists who are trained in this method have honed their palpation skills to the fullest, which means they can sense the slightest changes in your muscles and connective tissues.

This enables them to locate trigger points and realign your muscle fibres so that you stop experiencing pain.

Chiropractic treatment

Going to a chiropractor is one of the best-known methods of dealing with back pain. Although they aren’t considered real doctors, chiropractors possess a vast knowledge about the human nervous system, which they use in treating patients with a wide range of health issues.

Their treatments for back pain include manual manipulation of soft tissues and the spine. Although it’s not as efficient as the first two methods, it has made many people’s lives a lot easier.


If you can't afford a professional treatment, there are other options. It might sound too simple a solution for such a persistent problem, but back pain can be significantly reduced by incorporating walks into your daily routine.

It’s common knowledge that walking is great for your posture, and the health of the spine is one of the most important factors when it comes to issues like back pain. Walking is also good for weight loss. Fortunately, Dublin has plenty of places that are great for taking a walk, and if you really want to get to work, try going around the Phoenix Park a couple of times.


It’s one of the best activities for the purpose of relieving back pain, mostly because it puts less strain on and exercises the whole back area. If you want to start swimming in the best possible surroundings, you can check out the Marian Pool in Dublin 4.