Depression is a problem that affects many people. Whether by our way of being, by genetics or simply because life did not treat us well, the truth is that this evil can happen to anyone.It is a disease which few can get out, and still have to overcome every day. It is hard? Certainly yes, but that does not mean there is no hope. And more than that, it is when we are fallen that arise forces to start up.

We usually know only one kind of depression, one that manifests with symptoms similar to sadness, but it prevents us from leading a normal daily life.

We can not get out of bed, we do not want anything, and that before the interest generated is now indifferent to us.

What you probably did not know is that there are many types of depression. The fact of knowing the most frequent lets you know how to react, whether you as if someone you know suffer from them, and how to face it in the best way.

Depression before a loss

This is the most common form of depression. When we lose someone, it's because she passed away or because they abandoned us, we can submerge in a state of grief and sorrow in which we fall more and more.

This type of depression affects those people who are very introverted, insecure and sensitive. It is not easy to overcome and, in any case, you need professional help.

Bipolar depression

We all know what is bipolarity, a disease in which at one time we are euphoric and others are sad. This can lead us to suffer from depression, also called bipolar.The person who suffers from it has many moments in which not want to live longer, but also has many others in which is euphoric. This confuses those around you, it is not known whether it is good or bad in reality.

The bipolarity itself can develop a depression. The person does not know when you can be happy or sad, it's all very relative. Being in this tightrope is what causes very severe depression.

Depression by exhaustion

Do you remember as a teenager and felt exhausted? Tired of studying, to compete, to be the best of your living room ...

This type of depression affects those people who are very competitive and are continually pressed.

This may also occur at work. When the requirements are too high, they can generate a psychic and physical exhaustion that leads to severe depression.It is necessary relax. Being the best is not always going to be healthier for everyone.

Depression because of age

Sometimes this problem arises in a natural way to have a certain age. An age in which we feel mature and in which we noticed as time passed in the blink of an eye.

The depression by age usually appear around the age of 50, at which there is an inflection point. We begin to see those opportunities and take advantage of those who do not, what we did wrong, the guilt we feel ...

We started to notice that we're older and we will, little by little, falling into a depression.

To avoid this, there is nothing better than to live our lives by accepting the mistakes and the mistakes we made in the past. We must seize every moment and never put off what we want to do now, in the present.

The person who suffers it will isolate and all that go through your mind are negative thoughts that will make you even more harm.

Whether you suffer from bipolarity as depression because of a loss from the first time you need to seek professional help. You can not leave this state alone, and this is something that you should be very clear.

If you do not get help, if you end up closing itself, depression keep your circuit.

A closed circuit of which you can not leave. Start talking, opening up with people from their surroundings.

If you do not feel able to do this, speak directly with a professional, but it is very good that you unburden with someone.

You can overcome this problem with patience, with time ... It's hard, and the people who are around you also suffer, they are also affected. There is hope, even when you see only darkness in his way.

Whatever your type of difficulty, know that you can get out of this.