Nivea teamed up with the advertising agency FCB Brazil to develop a fun and creative solution to promote sunscreen use in Children and also to educate them about the sun.

When children get to the beach, they often complain about having to wait more time before going to play or to the water, because of the need to put their sun protection. Nivea wanted to raise awareness among children and to give them the impression that protecting themselves from the sun is their own idea and making them appreciate the sunscreen ritual.

Nivea dolls were also made with the goal to help teach children the importance of applying sunscreen and the dangers of not using it in a language that they understand: Toys.

Dolls were given to parents and their kids at the main beaches in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The Nivea Doll is made from UV-sensitive material and will turn instantly red when exposed to sunlight without sunscreen, just like our own skin would eventually turn if left unprotected. Forehead, nose, cheek, arms, body and legs will all blush in sunlight showing the painful effects of what could happen without the use of it. However, when applied the skin would return to normal. For the effect, Nivea's sunscreen also works on the doll.

A limited quantity of dolls was created for this advertising campaign and is not available to the public, though FCB Brazil will be creating more for Brazil's beaches next summer.

In a statement, Joanna Monteiro, creative vice-president at FCB Brazil, said that protecting and caring is something that we learn from an early age. With this action Nivea is offering this emotional bond. Through the magic of technology, children can see the sun's effect on the skin of the doll. Everybody knows that kids hate applying sunscreen.

That's why the Nivea Doll was created, a toy that sunburns when exposed to UV rays. This way kids learn the importance of skin care as they apply sunscreen on the doll to protect it.

Tatiana Ponce, marketing director for Nivea Brazil, also said that Nivea's goal is to offer benefits that go beyond skincare. The brand believes that investing in educational actions is the best way to raise awareness.

The Nivea doll is an innovative idea that is directly related to brand's positioning and that helps teach their children about the importance of wearing sunscreen.

Nivea is a global skin and body care brand that is owned by the German Company Beiersdorf.