When I was invited to experience London's first prison-inspired cocktail bar, Alcotraz, I felt slightly nervous, the unique pop-up bar is in town for three months only and it's an experience not to be missed. The illicit drinking establishment takes you as inmates (complete with orange jumpsuits) to an exciting world of mischief, as you smuggle in alcohol to be used to make tasty, unique cocktails in tin cans no less.

Behind bars

Located behind some inconspicuous shutters on the city's Brick Lane, Alcotraz is inspired by America’s infamous prison, located off the coast of California and housed some of the world’s most notorious criminals during its operation.

The bar only has space for 30 inmates at any one time, so you must book in advance, the mixologists serve up cocktails Behind Bars using spirits (Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum) that visiting felons have smuggled in past the guards. Don't worry though, you don't have to bring your own, the guards provide you with it on arrival and wrap it secretly in a towel - a knowing nod to the legendary stories that surround the disreputable prison.

Drink in the cells

Once inside, guests will be able to sit together and chat in cells or in the visiting area while drinking their bespoke cocktails, that are secretly made behind the backs of the prison guards. I was made to sit on a toilet in a cell and given a Bellini to drink and nuts to nibble on from an Altoids mint tin - quite the experience.The concept of Alcotraz aims to bring something completely unique to London's nightlife scene.

It's a place where guests should prepare for the unexpected.

Sam Shearman, owner of Inventive Productions who invented this new and exciting venture told us: “ I just wanted to make something different. People get bored of going to the same old places and I wanted to develop a concept that gives guests a fun experience that is something out of the ordinary, I am really interested in the history of Alcatraz Penitentiary and it is something we only know as fiction, so I thought "why not bring it to life?" The London nightlife scene is continuously offering up exciting new concepts and we need to stay on board with that.

This experiential pop-up takes inventiveness to a whole new level"

Alcotraz runs from until 17th December 2017, opening Thursday - Saturday from 5-11pm.

Tickets priced: £30 (Includes 4 cocktails from your brought drink of choice + 1.45 hours inside the prison)