Missed the boat on the Unicorn lemonade? Fret not! The burgeoning unicorn food trend is here to stay. In fact, Instagram’s favourite obsession has now come for our pizza.

Introduced by a New York City restaurant, the bizarre yet whimsical trend brings together pizza and dessert in a unique combination. Officially named the “Pop Candy Land Pizza,” the iridescent confection is made with rainbow dough, cream cheese frosting, oodles of pop rocks, and fluffs of pink and blue cotton candy.

Danielle Tullo, a writer at Cosmopolitan, tried the dazzling delicacy and shared her experience on social media. "It's basically a giant sugar cookie covered in fluffy cotton candy," she captioned her Instagram post that featured a slice of the unicorn pizza.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Manhattan restaurant also offers palatable desserts like the Chocolate River and the Industry Pouf, a huge pastry covered in chocolate syrup and dollops of whipped cream. What’s more, they also make a “24k pizza” that is topped with truffles, foie gras, 24 carat gold flakes and Ossetra caviar. The delicacy extraordinaire costs over £1500.

From noodles to hot cocoa, the unicorn food trend is still going strong

We all know how the Unicorn Frappuccino took the Internet by storm. A dazzling treat that was made of strawberry syrup, vanilla, whipped cream, blue drizzle and neon coloured powder.

And how can one forget to mention unicorn grilled cheese while talking about the magical food fad? Invented by KALA, a sandwich shop in Hong Kong, the delish sandwich is flavoured with basil, tomato, and naturally-coloured cheese.

And then there were unicorn noodles or the “colour changing noodles” which took the rainbow food trend to a whole new level.

Made with white glass noodles and purple cabbage, the recipe was the brainchild of a food blog called The Indigo Kitchen.

From unicorn lemonade, mermaid toast and unicorn quesadillas to unicorn hot cocoa and unicorn cupcakes, the viral food trend continues to brighten up Instagram feeds all across the globe.

So what’s the deal with unicorns?

“This obsession with unicorns is nothing new — with social media, we’ve just found a different way to show it,” explained Vaughn Scribner, an assistant history professor at the University of Central Arkansas who studies mythical creatures, in a Refinery29 report.

Preceded by the galaxy desserts, the unicorn food trend was supposedly kicked off by people like Adeline Waugh, a food stylist and health and wellness blogger.

In a bid to make healthy food exciting and quirky, Waugh created the “mermaid toast”, a bright and colourful avocado toast made with beet juice and cream cheese.

“I posted it, and all my followers started saying it looked like a unicorn, so I said you’re right, and I started calling it that too,” Waugh told The New York Times. She added that “all of a sudden all these people were making it and tagging it, and now the unicorn thing has gotten just insane.”

Brands like Starbucks, EarthsRawBeauty and Lime Crime readily embraced the vibrant trend, further cementing its presence.

According to Google Trends, there’s been a steady increase in the search term “unicorns” since 2012. The fascination turned into a maddening obsession when Starbucks introduced its insanely popular fruity treat, Unicorn Frappuccino.