Biryani is a dish made up of rice coupled with a variety of meat or even with vegetables. Being a total comfort food, this Indian dish has found a huge international fan following. Everyone who loves rice must try these five biryani’s at least once in their lifetime. Belonging to different parts of India, these lovely aromatic rice creationswill make any foodie fall in love with them instantly.

The popular Lucknowi

Well, it will be almost criminal to talk about biryanis and not talk about the Lucknowi version of it. Being one of the most popular biryanis ever, it combines special fresh spices, rice and chicken.

The one thing that distinguishes Lucknowi biryani from the rest is that in this case the rice is cooked separately and then added to the chicken and spices mix. Lip smacking goodness at its best.

Discover the Sindhi

Though this version of biryani is lesser known compared to its counterparts, its contents which includes dry fruits and onion rings is what makes it special. A must try for everyone who loves a bit of nutty crunch in their rice. Goat meat is usually used to make the delicious Sindhi biryani.

The spicy Hyderabadi

The commonly found Biryani across India, this one takes the spices a whole notch higher. This one is more aromatic and has a flowery scented liquid called Kewda essence sprinkled all over it.

Chicken, egg, onions and whole lot of spices make this one a must have at least once.

Kolkata, a potato version

How can we not mention the Bengali version of the biryani while we are list must try before you die biryanis. Potato is the main ingredient in Kolkata, second to only rice which forms the base. The Kolkata is packed with flavourful meat and boiled eggs.

Go royal with Mughlai

Having its origin in the royal kitchens, this is considered the most rich and royal of all Indian biryanis. Almonds paste, clarified butter or ghee, curd and mouthwatering tender pieces of meat are just a few of the rich things that go into making the masterpiece called Mughlai. It is a must try to feel the royal taste at least once in a lifetime.

So get going on the list and eat as many as you can and spread the biryani addiction.