As you might already know, the Coca-Cola Christmas trucks' locations for this coming festive season across Europe have been revealed by the company via their Facebook fan page. With familiar jingle sounds 'Holidays Are Coming, holidays are coming' this festive season promises to be yet another exciting time for the cities proposed to be visited by the popular truck around Europe.

Already kicked off on the 11th of November the first stop being Glasgow, Scotland, the famous truck is set to make stops across 42 locations in the United Kingdom and you can't wait to have it in your city and taking selfies right?

It'll make for some great time as it also promises to be bigger. As is customary with the truck, fans will yet again be afforded the opportunity to take photos and selfies, along with that, there will be some soft drinks on offer by Coca-Cola and yes, in this freezing temperature; but when has humanity ever stopped having some fun owing to freezing temperatures? If it has fun written all over it, rarely any weather condition matters.

Ever made it to the truck's previous stops?

You sure won't want to miss out if you ever made it to the truck's previous festive seasons' visits and if you've never been a part of one probably because it's the first time this is coming to your knowledge or you simply never developped any interest to check it out or you simply just missed it for one reason or the other; whatever your reasons, it couldn't hurt or do any harm just to check it out as an individual, with friends or family, you could have been missing out on something that may prove worthwhile.

'For those visiting as the sun sets, the truck really comes to life with a special animation, celebrating the magic Coca-Cola brings to Christmas' said the company's spokesperson. Even more interesting for this year's event, is that recycling will make part of the event and attendees will be encouraged to recycle their bottles and cans, an exercise that will aim to promote positive efforts in respect to keeping the countries visited clean.

So, not only will the truck tour be all about selfies, but there'll be some very important lessons to learn and maintain, which is really wonderful just to think about it.

In its seven years of festive celebrations, the truck has already travelled more than 730 000 miles and about 29 times around the world - that's really amazing!

Liverpool may look forward to the truck's visits on the 5th and 6th of December respectively according to dates released by the company. Also, on the 17th of November, the company's famous 'holidays are coming' advert will return to our local television screens.


Aedamar Howlett, Marketing director for Coca-Cola in Great Britain said 'Coca-Cola is synonymous with the Christmas season and it's no secret that our much loved Christmas truck tour marks the unofficial countdown to Christmas" he further said "we can't wait to start spreading holiday cheers and we are excited to announce a brand new route for 2017"

A lot more to say as we build up to this but in the meanwhile, gather your friends and loved ones for some fun, you sure won't want to miss it. For more on the tour, you may want to check out the company's Facebook page.