When the Second World War was being fought the lines of battle were clear. One side was Germany and the other the UK. The war ended in Germany's defeat and the UK emerged as the dominant power in Europe. Then came Maasterchit and the European Union. It was an excellent dream but as Harold Robbins has written " dreams die first". The EU over the decades became a power train for Germany. It began to dominate Europe relegating all other nations to a secondary role. The UK also suffered as it faced German clout based on its economy. The once global power was reduced to being subservient to Germany.

In fact, Germany had achieved dominant power status in the Continent without firing a shot. If one is not sanguine it was the fulfillment of Hitler's dream. There were other problems as well. The Open Borders concept mitigated against the UK ethos. With Germany calling the shots and open borders the UK would have fast lost its identity. This was the issue and if the UK were to survive as a significant power on its own leaving the EU was the only way out. Millions of Muslims would have also made their way to the UK, which older Britons could not stomach.

UK and EU

In a way the UK leaving the EU Is good because the UK will get back control of its destiny. Ultimately the EU will also disintegrate as the French and Belgians realize that they will just become appendages of a resurgent Germany.

Perhaps things would then be too late as Germany would control everything. The question is how long will Germany subsidize the poor economies of East Europe? Maybe they will do it as it will give the German identity a big power boost. But others will rebel and this will manifest in the rise of leaders like Le Pen and Gert Wilder. They may not win now but over the years their views will have a cascading effect.

They can only continue in the EU in case they forget their national identity. This is alarming and with Brexit, the far right has got a fillip. One can't wish it away.

Germany the pivot

Germany is the pivot in Europe. it will control EU through its economic muscle. One has only to see the plight of countries like Greece and Italy.

For such nations, the EU is a haven. They get food and sustenance and they won't mind German overlordship.

Last word

Those nations who remain in the EU were never great powers. For them the issues are different. The UK was a world power once and in case it aspires for an independent path Brexit was essential. In the future, a resurgent Germany is sure to call the shots. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the future.