Voodoo is an ancient ritual that has its origin western Africa. Many in Nigeria are followers of Voodoo. The ritual combines some ancient beliefs with some aspects of the Catholic faith. People who follow this ritual are generally completely subservient to this practice.This ritual has a strong hold on tribal communities and many use it to further their aim. Recently the Austrian Police arrested a couple who were luring girls from Nigeria to Europe. These girls were then brainwashed and told that their only salvation to participate in the flesh trade.

Couple arrested

The couple who were arrested were Nigerians and though the man confessed, the woman has been denying involvement. Austria has a unique location in the heart of Europe and as such, it is both a destination and transit center. According to estimates, the most frequent phenomena of human trafficking in Austria includes human trafficking for sexual exploitation and child trafficking. Girls from Nigeria, who are young and supple find a ready clientele.

The problem

This problem is not confined to Austria but is common in Spain as well. Some time back the Spanish police broke up a gang that was using Voodoo and animal sacrifices to coerce young girls into prostitution. The gangs generally keep the girls on a tight leash and partake of their earnings.

The superstitious girls easily succumb to these rituals and fear dire consequences from the super powers if they take no part in prostitution

Last word

Europe is in the grip of an anti-immigrant wave, but girls from Nigeria are still being smuggled in. Some are brought in with the promise of jobs but the superstitious girls easily succumb to Voodoo rituals.

This is because back home Voodoo has a big say in tribal life. The arrest of the two Nigerians is perhaps just a tip of the iceberg and girl and child trafficking crime is prevalent all over Europe. Demand and supply go together and there is demand for young girls from Africa in all the capitals of Europe. Hopefully, the police will be able to crack down on this trade.