A Tea Pub named "Brew" it will soon open its doors in London. "Brew" is going to be a place where tea will be treated like a serious drink with the comfort of a pub, in which instead of pints of beer, pots of tea will be served alongside cocktails.

Catering specially to tea enthusiasts, the idea is to serve teapots in the day and tea cocktails at night to bring an "accessible tea-out experience". This new project is going to serve drinks that are carefully crafted using loose leaves, along with light food and a selection of cakes that compliment the different flavours.

During the night tea-themed cocktails will be served, like English Breakfast Martinis, Green Tea and Oolong Martinis. There will be afternoon tasting sessions and enthusiasts will be able to take part with the chance to try three different flavours with three different types of cake to compare the flavours compliment the food. For those who don't appreciate the national drink, drinking chocolate, beer and wine will also be available.

Alex Holland, a connoisseur, the brain behind the project and the founder, explained that with "Brew" he hopes to convert people to drinking loose leaf tea after they realize that it embodies more flavour than commercialized bagged tea. Loose leaf is far superior from the bagged one and besides that Alex wants to restore prestige to the national drink.

He wants to offer something nice where people who like tea can go and enjoy.

This brainchild project of Alex Holland is currently in the Crowdfounding stage. Alex and his team, which includes food entrepreneurs Giuseppe Mascoli, founder of Franco Manca, and Iqbal Wahhab, founder of Roast and Cinnamon Club, have been working with organizations, such as Switchback.

The idea is to give back to community sourcing from small growers where the tea is grown and processed. With that, every pot sold by Brew helps small growers and the profit goes to the community. Holland also intends to offer work experience and job opportunities to ex-offenders.

Serious drinkers will be able to buy tea by the pot, with prices ranging between £4.50 - £9/10 for four cups.