Paul McCartney has drawn on his experience as a grandfather to write a new picture book to be published in September 2019. The former Beatle’s children’s story is called “Hey Grandude”, a clever twist on the classic track “Hey Jude” from his Fab Four days but also mirroring the enchanting nickname he has been given by his own grandkids.

Following the adventures of a magical gentleman and his four grandchildren (called ‘Chillers’ in the book), McCartney’s intriguing venture into child fiction adds yet another chapter to his long and varied career in the entertainment industry.

McCartney’s project has drawn on the talents of top illustrator Kathryn Durst, whose previous works included “Doggy See, Doggy Do”, “Sing Along with Tobee” and “Super Simple Draw”.

Origins of the book’s title

McCartney has eight grandchildren of his own and told ITV’s Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield earlier this week that he hopes that over time the new book will become a bedtime story favourite for families. He shared the origins of the interesting title of the book earlier this week, recalling how one of his grandchildren had once welcomed him by saying “Hey Grand-dude!” an endearing term that seemed to stick from then on.

Following in Madonna’s footsteps

The road into children’s fiction is not as uncommon as it may at first seem for a high-profile musician, however.

McCartney follows in the footsteps of the likes of Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Madonna, and even his fellow Beatle Ringo Starr. Commonly referred to since the 1980s as the “Queen of Pop”, Madonna is, however, some way ahead of McCartney as far as children’s literature is concerned, having contributed to seven picture Books and twelve chapter books in the past.

Typically, chapter books are aimed at intermediate readers, generally aged between seven and 10-years of age.

Previous book collaboration

Sir Paul has been involved in children’s books in the past, having collaborated with writer Philip Ardagh, and illustrator Geoff Dunbar, back in 2005. The partnership combined to produce “High in the Clouds”, an ecological picture book following Wirral the squirrel and his efforts to regain woodlands back from developers.

New album released recently

The ever-youthful Liverpudlian, McCartney has also recently released his 18th solo studio album called “Egypt Station” and has been busy with several impromptu appearances in public and on television in recent weeks, demonstrating that even at 76, age is clearly no barrier to his ambitions.