Much has been said about the former owner and instructor of the infamous Abby Lee Dance Company. From being a stubborn and a bossy instructor to a fraudulent business owner, Abby Lee seems to have had some tough luck these past months.

Legal Issues

It is no secret that the reality star had some issues legally and that is why she is serving jail time. For those who are not familiar, Abby Lee Miller filed for bankruptcy but was then verified that it was fraud. Multiple court hearings were addressed which led to Abby Lee surrendering to the authorities.

Also, it was verified that she brought $120,000(Australian) into the US without declaring it to the authorities.

Prior to being sent to jail, the former dance instructor has numerous plans to make her stay in the jail worthwhile. She even stated that it would be "like a vacation". Miller said that she will use the time in jail to reflect, read some books and to learn Spanish. But those positive thoughts and plans were gone when she was about to step into the correctional facility.

Losing weight

A few hours ago, a photo was uploaded to her Instagram account showing a massive weight loss. Abby Lee Miller flaunts a smile with her family but it is also visible that her time in jail is taking a toll on her.

There are no reports yet if one of her students have already visited her. They might have some differences before but they shouldn’t forget that Abby Lee Miller played a huge part in their career.

A lot of fans still detest Abby the way she treated some of her students, especially Chloe Lukasiak. Remember the shouting tirade that happened between Abby and Christi Zook Lukasiak?

How about the time when Abby was so frustrated and belittled Chloe? Those memories will never be erased and will always be attached to Abby Lee Miller. Right now, her former students and their careers are blossoming. Maddie Ziegler has arguably the most successful run right now. Her book, Maddie Diaries is already a New York Times bestseller and made her film debut in The Book of Henry.

ALDC reunion?

There are multiple rumours on the internet that a big reunion is being planned once Abby is out of jail. However, nobody seems to like the idea right now as none of her former students or Abby Lee herself is thrilled with the idea. The bad blood created in the show between the instructor, the dancers and their families cannot be overlooked. Hopefully, they will sort things out as they were once a powerful team and very entertaining to watch.