Walt Disney is a big name in Hollywood productions and Thor is a legendary war-god. The fusion of the two has produced an amazing movie released worldwide by the Disney studio. The film was expected to do well, but now we know that it has created history by bringing in business worth over 5 billion dollars. This is breath-taking and the news is that out of these $5 billion, 3.2 billion was earned from outside the US according to Geo News.

Disney and the movie

The movie is an adaption of the superhero created by Marvel comics. This, in turn, is based on the Norse myths, about Thor who was a mighty god and warrior who fought giants to save all the gods.

All credit to Disney who capitalized on this tale and brought it to the world of cinema. This is not the first Disney film to smash the Box Office with over $ 5 billion revenue and proves that Disney has the measure of what people like.


Marvel the creator of Thor can feel justifiably proud. The heroes created by this group have entranced the world. Everybody likes a superhero and his fights with legendary demons and superhumans enthrall the average man. There was a time when cowboy comics with Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy ruled the roost, but they have receded into oblivion as the new breed of superheroes and science fiction have taken over.

Disney also produced the “Beauty and the Beast” which was released in the early part of this year.

This film grossed 1.7 billion, but it is way behind the success of Thor.

Marvel Comics have created a string of heroes and the company is on track to triplicate the success of its movie “Spiderman”. Another movie that is eagerly awaited is “The Last Jedi” which is expected to be released by mid-December and looks to be a sure shot hit globally.

The stars

Thor who is also known as the “God of Thunder” is played by Chris Hemsworth. He does is splendid in this role and lives the part of the legend. Two other stars stand out, Tom Hiddleston as the evil god Loki and Cate Blanchett as Hela, Thor's long lost sister. In the end, the audience is not really bothered about the storyline but the compelling action supported by special effects.

It's entertainment at its best. The relative failure of the film, “The Lone Ranger” at the box office, shows that science fiction tales of superheroes is the new flavor of the day.

The film has a slick editing and special effects are the life of the film. Such films reinforce Hollywood's tag as the center of world cinema.