In 1991 former EastEnders actress Martine McCutcheon topped the charts with her debut single Perfect Moment and now after a 16 hiatus from the music world, the bubbly brunette is back with a bang. Last month she released her new single ‘Say I’m Not Alone, her new album ‘Lost and Found' will be out in August and will be closely followed by a headline UK tour. Martine, 41, revealed she co-wrote most of the songs on her new album with her husband of five years, Jack McManus and believes she has never sounded better. We agree with Martine.

Health worries

It has been a rocky road healthwise for the London-born beauty over the past few years, in 2011 she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) - a neurological condition which causes symptoms that affect the body's nervous and immune systems, and later Lyme Disease - a serious infection which is passed to humans through a tick bite. She openly admitted these illnesses made her life a 'living hell'. And, her new album is a testament to that, Martine confessed: 'Life brought this album about very gradually, It was a really unconscious thing; I started writing the songs at a time in my life when I’d lost everything.'

Weight loss

Now the star who is a mum to 2-year-old son Rafferty is pleased to be back on top, she has secured herself a regular presenting slot on ITV's Loose Women panel and after years of publicly struggling with her weight, she recently shed a stone after following the Cambridge diet plan to help manage her chronic conditions.

Taking to her Instagram account recently, she posted a cute snap of herself and wrote the caption 'Here's my silly little head feeling all giddy and happy because I reached my one stone target today on the @cambridgeweightplan I'm so thrilled.'We think you look great Martine.

High cholesterol

Martine also became the face Betavivo Rise & Shine 8-week cholesterol-lowering programme this year, which she also credited with helping her to manage her ME and weight loss.

Martine admitted that high cholesterol is one of her health fears because both her mum Jenny and aunt both suffer with it, she revealed: 'It is something I worry about. I try to keep an eye on my cholesterol levels and get checked regularly. My mum has high cholesterol and diabetes.'It is great to see you back to your best, Martine.