I interviewed the 22-year-old from Stockholm who said during the interview that her controversial song was actually motivated by a break up with a girlfriend. Ängie said, “I wrote the song about a heartbreak. My first girlfriend lasted for about a year.” Ängie is now bisexual.

The Swedish singer had plenty to say about England from the police sirens sounding more violent compared to the ones in Sweden to spitting on the ground being illegal in the U.K being a stupid rule. Ängie started off as a bartender in Stockholm and now her song is getting attention from The Sun, The Guardian and is causing gigging in the U.K.

She always thought she would be a painter but now she just wants to ‘chill on stage.’

Tough childhood

Ängie’s childhood was hard as she was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and had depression. During her youth, she did often contemplate suicide. She was first attracted to women around the age of 15 and felt like an outcast when friends discovered the relationship. Her family life was far from smooth as well. Her mother drank a lot and her dad was in prison ‘for many reasons,’ meaning she had to take care of herself.

No matter what though, she has always been into music and grew up listening to Eminem and Courtney Love. She feels musically she is more like Lana Del Rey. Eminem even makes an appearance in her lyrics:“I hit the blunt like I’m Slim Shady, cause I’m a mother-f****** lady.”

Growing up she was never in a band, however, she is part of a female girl rap gang called Bosssa.

The singer seems to be just going with the flow and seeing what happens. She told us: “I do not think I will ever make it but I do what I love.” This is cemented with a tattoo she has on her thigh reading '2 girlz 1 cup.'

It has taken Ängie 15 minutes to a couple of days to write songs but she does prefer to sing in English as she feels it is the most beautiful language in the world.

She also says now has fan bases in countries such as Russia. She does seem happy to move away from Sweden as she finds the people there to be very judgmental. The only real thing she likes about Sweden is the spring time. This may be a good move given Sweden's zero tolerance on drug use.

What the future holds?

Ängie has just three tracks out at the moment but has written around 40, and there is an album on the horizon. She has a plethora of songs to be released and time will only tell if they have as big an effect as her track ‘smoke weed eat p****’ did.