From 24 March to 2 April, the Tanks, situated in the heart of London’s Tate Modern gallery, will be the setting for a bold new exhibition called 'Ten Days Six Nights.' The exhibition, which comes as part of an ongoing collaboration between Tate Modern and BMW, will feature a series of revolutionary and unique live performances by established and emerging artists alike.

Achim Borchardt- Hume, Director of Exhibitions said: “our culture is always changing, and so exhibitions must change also.” In that light, BWM Tate Live marks a new approach to the concept of Art as performance, one that aims to celebrate both the transformational and experimental impact of new concepts.

Now fully converted, the Tanks – once large underground containers containing fuel - offer the first fully functioning and unique gallery space devoted entirely to performance and art installation.

'Ten Days and Six Nights'

The exhibition, which is hosted by senior curators of International art Catherine Wood and Andrea Leonni, will feature a range of artists including signature exhibitionist and DJ Isabel Lewis (1981, Dominican Republic). Lewis, who lives in Berlin, is well-known for hosting unique events and “occasions” and blending different smells and sounds to create a fully immersive experience for guests.

The exhibition will also feature works by numerous other artists; including Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya (1933), who will transform the South Terrace with his sensational and interactive fog sculpture that uses both sound and light.

There will also be a sculptural performance by American artist’s Wu Tsang (1982) and Fred Moten (1962) entitled 'Gravitational Feel,' which blends textile and sound to produce a unique experience that feels spontaneous and organic. It is a performance that promises to provoke a response from visitors, as well as challenge pre-conceived perceptions about art as form.

Tate visual explosion

The whole show promises to be a bit of a visual and acoustic explosion that will not only awaken the senses but will challenge them too: the afterimages will no doubt stay dancing in your memory for days on end. So why not book your tickets now, for what will be the highlight of the season?