CW’s new show Riverdale, based on the characters in the Archie comics, is already filling the hole left by the newly departed "Pretty Little Liars" and "Gossip Girl." The "Twin Peaks" inspired drama already has love affairs, secrets and murders to keep audiences gripped. Via recent film candids, insider comments, behind the scenes images and fan speculation we are able to deduce some things about the show. If you don’t want to be spoiled look away now. These spoilers are presented as speculation and little else. It’s also recommended you have at least seen the pilot episode of "Riverdale."

Warning this could possibly spoil the identity of the killer.

Judghead is homeless

Skeet Ulrich will appear as Jughead’s estranged father who is the leader of Riverdale’s most notorious gang. Hiram Lodge hires him to ruin the town in order to lower property prices, allowing him to buy them town once he is released from jail. It’s also rumoured that Jughead will deal with living homeless but it’s not clear that the two are linked. Later on in the season Jughead will find comfort with Betty and the two begin to date.

Dark Betty

Betty has previously been diagnosed with a illness that can leave her in a dissociative state and when she doesn’t take her meds she becomes ‘Polly’ - a darker version of herself. It appears this darker side can kill and will kill. It could be that Polly is her alter ego or this illness makes her character transform into Polly’s.

Miss Grundy isn’t who you think she is

The teacher who has been having a summer affair with Archie isn’t the real Miss Grundy. She is rumoured to be a con woman who killed the real Miss Grundy but there are also rumours that she is an abused woman trying to escape her evil husband by taking on a new identity. Either way, her character is another mystery for the small town.

It also looks like Archie won’t be the first to find out this secret either.

Archie’s mother is back.

Archie’s dad is arrested when they find out his gun is the murder weapon. This even brings back Archie’s mother (played by Molly Ringwald). The gun shot Miss Grundy and Archie hear isn’t the shot that kills Jason, in fact it’s the scouts being illegally shown how to fire the weapon.

This is just one of the show’s red herrings.

The Blossoms

The Blossom family were in an occult and Jason had faked his own death to escape them. Jason was supposed to contact Cheryl after he had found a place that was safe away from their parents but he was killed before doing so. Polly’s breakdown was also caused by finding out the activities of the Blossom family.

Riverdale meets Supernatural

Jughead finds out there are legends with supernatural forces surrounding the woods of Riverdale and their powerful forces are awakened when innocent blood is spilled on Sweetwater Lake. Just how many supernatural happenings will be shown, how much of it is urban legend and whether they have anything to do with Jason’s death is not clear.

Perhaps Riverdale will go the way of ‘Archie Afterlife’.

The return of Sabrina

Sabrina the teenage witch returns to the small screen in the final scene of the season. She appears at Pop’s shop while Jughead reads his voiceover. She introduces herself just before a car crashes outside as Jughead talks of chaos.

And the killer is-

Betty’s dad! Betty’s dad killed Jason as revenge for Polly’s breakdown. He then frames Fred because he was jealous of him in high school. Archie’s dad rejected Betty’s mom in high school but she still has feelings for him.