Musician Robin Thicke has lost custody of his six-year-old son Julian, after his ex-wife, Paula Patton, accused him of domestic violence. A judge granted actress Patton a restraining order against Thicke, following her recounts of his abusive behaviour towards her.

Robin Thicke fights for custody of his son

The custody battle first started on January 17th when Patton went to family court accusing Thicke of physically abusing their son Julian, prompting officials at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to launch an investigation into the alleged incident.

The custody battle then escalated when the actress alleged that the "Blurred Lines" singer was also abusive throughout their marriage. Paula filed the paperwork asking for a restraining order after another alleged outburst by Thicke during a scheduled visit with his son Julian.

When Thicke showed up at Paula's mother's house to pick up the child last week, and nobody answered the door, he became enraged and started to bang on the door. Paula then initiated the motion to get a restraining order against him. During a hearing on January 26th, the judge granted Patton temporary full custody of Julian, relinquishing Thicke's parental rights until the full investigation comes to a conclusion.

Paula Patton alleges Thicke was physically violent during their marriage

According to paperwork submitted by Patton's lawyer, in May 2013 while attending the Cannes Film Festival, Robin Thicke “hit her with a closed fist to her upper body and then pushed her onto the ground.” The paperwork also quoted Patton saying that her then husband,"“threatened multiple times to ‘bash my f**king head in.” Both Patton and Thicke requested temporary sole custody of their son Julian, but once a restraining order was granted against Thicke, the judge banned Thicke from seeing his wife, son or any of her family members until the case is resolved.

Robin Thicke claims the accusations are unfounded

Thicke's attorney's told the judge overseeing the custody dispute that the DCFS agency was planning on closing the abuse case as the allegations are "unfounded." However, the judge still ruled in Paula Patton's favour for now. Thicke's attorney's also claims that a case was launched to investigate Paula's "emotional abuse" towards their son Julian, as she is allegedly pitting him against his dad.

Thicke has admitted to lightly spanking their son and insists that it's a disciplining technique both he and his wife agreed upon while married. The divorce for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton was finalized on March 16th, 2016.