'Khaidi no 150' second day box office collection report: - Megastar Chiranjeevi's "Khaidi no 150" second day box office collections at Ap/Tg and overseas markets will be reported here. Before checking 2nd day collections, let' see the movie's collections on day 1. The movie minted Rs 23.5 crores share at the Ap/Tg box office on its first day of its release. In Karnataka, it collected Rs 4.2 crores, USA - 5.7 crores, Rest of India and worldwide are estimated to be around Rs 2 crores. Overall, the movie minted Rs 35.4 crores share worldwide on its first day of its release.

let's check day 2 collections below.

'Khaidi no 150' 2nd day box office collection at Ap/Tg

The film performed well on day 2 as well in the Ap/Tg, it collected Nizam - 2.24 crores, Krishna - 0.31 crore, Guntur - 0.34 crore, Vizag - 1.2 crores, East Godavari - 0.31 crore, West Godavari - 0.16 crore, Nellore - 0.17 crore and Ceeded - 0.9 crores. The total 2nd day collections of "Khaidi no 150'"at the Ap/Tg box office is Rs 5.63 crores.

Overall, the movie minted Rs 29.13 crores share from its two runs at Ap/Tg box office. The movie's rights were sold for Rs 66.5 crores in this region and hence it still need to recover Rs 37.37 crores to reach its breakeven in this area.

'Khaidi no 150' movie second day overseas and Karnataka collections

The film crossed $1.5 million mark at the USA markets with its 2 days collections. After minting $1.275 million from the premiere shows, it collected $165k on the first day and $65k on the second day. The total 2 days collections of the film in the USA is $1505k.

The movie will pick up well during the weekend at the USA markets and was expected to touch $2 million mark by the end of the weekend.

On the other hand, the film collected around 1 crore share on day 2 at the Karnataka markets, the total 2 days collections of the movie in Karnataka is Rs 5.2 crores. The rest of India and world collections estimated to be around 50 lakhs on day 2 making its total 2 days collections to touch Rs 2.5 crores.

'Khaidi no 150' 2 days total worldwide collections

The total 2 days worldwide collections of "Khaidi no 150" is Rs 44.83 crores. The total worldwide Theatrical rights were sold for Rs 89 crores, it still needs to recover Rs 44.17 crores to reach its breakeven amount. Finally, let's wait and see how the movie performs in its forthcoming run at the ticket window.