Actor Rider Strong (who plays Shawn on “Girl Meets World”) announced on his podcast last week that the show was cancelled and would be ending with the third season finale a month or so from now, and now Disney have confirmed the cancellation of the show.

Girl Meets World” was the Disney Channel-produced sequel series to ABC’s 1990s coming-of-age sitcom “Boy Meets World.” “Boy Meets World” was about a kid named Cory played by Ben Savage as he grew up, and then in the sequel series, Ben Savage returns as Cory to raise his daughter Riley, so it’s a cycle.

Reactions of the cast

Sabrina Carpenter, who played Maya on the show, told fans, “Life comes full circle.” She thanked Disney for giving “Girl Meets World” a chance in the first place and was sad to say goodbye to “the family that was created on our set.” She thanked the fans for watching and sent an inspirational message “to the little girls reading this,” to say, “You can do whatever you put your mind to.” She ended her note to fans by quoting Fellini: “There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.”

August Maturo, who plays Auggie on “Girl Meets World” and is 9 years old, posted a philosophical picture on Instagram of Jesus taking a small teddy from a girl and telling her to trust him as he hides a bigger teddy behinds his back.

Accompanying this was a broken heart emoji. Rowan Blanchard, the star who played Riley, posted a long letter to fans. The most important line in the letter was this: “I love you. I love this crew. I love Riley. I love this world we made. I love that it is now your world.”

Fans are filled with rage on social media

The fans are devastated and outraged at the cancellation of "Girl Meets World," and have taken to Twitter to express their anger.

Fans are tweeting they are “very sad,” they’ll “miss it a lot” and “be bitter about this for a while.” Other words used are “heartbroken,” “lost,” “cannot believe,” “disappointing,” and “not fair.” A lot of fans seemed to be hoping Netflix would pick up the show like they did with “Black Mirror” and “Gilmore Girls.”

One fan went pretty far, saying, “This show is my life.” Another said that they will “take away lessons” from the show “that will last a lifetime.” One heartbreaking fan quoted their niece: “Watching #GirlMeetsWorld made me feel closer to my Mommy.

And they took that away from me, too.”

Girl Meets World” will conclude with its final episode on 20 January. The third season finale “Girl Meets Goodbye” will be an epic, MCU-style “Boy Meets World” reunion featuring William Daniels, Will Friedle, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danny McNulty, Lee Norris, Betsy Randle, and William Russ. The only consolation in this whole thing is that Farkle will be off Television screens for good.