aamir khan's "Dangal" collection total will be reported here. "Dangal" collections surpassed the Rs 375 crores mark at the Indian box office within 29 days of its release. On the other hand, "Dangal" collections at the overseas markets are close to Rs 200 crores. Overall, "Dangal" worldwide box office collections grossed Rs 732.7 crores until now at the ticket window. The movie, which released on December 23rd, 2016 opened up with the positive response from critics and audiences, which helped the movie to make an extraordinary amount at the ticket window.

The film completed is continuing to perform well at the time of this writing. Lets check the collection total 31 days in.

'Dangal' collection at the Indian box office

The film collected close to Rs 381 crores nett at the Indian box office and the gross amount is close to Rs 533.4 crores. Even though the overall momentum slowed down in the 4th week, it is still collecting above Rs 1 crores nett at the box office, and if it can perform at the same level for two more weeks, then it will reach Rs 400 crores.

However, "Dangal" is the highest-grossing Indian movie now and the first movie to cross Rs 375 crores nett among the Bollywood movies.

'Dangal' overseas collection

The film performed extremely well at the overseas box office as well.

It minted close to Rs 199.3 crores gross until now at the overseas markets and it is heading toward the Rs 200 crores mark. It was expected to collect Rs 10 to 15 crores in its total run at the overseas ticket window.

Total worldwide collection of 'Dangal'

The total worldwide collections of "Dangal" at the time of this writing is Rs 732.7 crores.

Trade experts predicted that the film would enter the Rs 800 crores club, but as the movie's run slowed down from its 4th week onward, it will be a difficult feat to reach for the movie. However, it can reach Rs 750 crores gross in its total run at the worldwide box office to become the first Indian movie to gross Rs 750 crores.

Finally, let's wait and see how the movie performs at the box office in the coming days.