The "Puli Murugan" storm is still ruling the Kerala box-office, and in the midst of this collection spree, Mohanlal is repeating the same magic through "Manyam Puli," the Telugu dubbed version of the Vyshakh directorial.

According to latest reports, the movie which was released on December 02, 2016 in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, has impressed critics and audiences alike, and it has reportedly collected more than 1.5 Crores on the first day itself.

The inclusion of Telugu star Jagapathi Babu in the star cast has also played a crucial role in enhancing the widespread acceptance of this flick.

The story of Man vs Wild

In this movie, we can see Mohanalal in the role of Murugan, a wild hunter who is specialized in killing man-eating tigers. He has vengeance towards these man-eaters, as this animal had murdered his father.

As time, passes, young Murugan becomes a middle-aged man living happily with his family. But fate has something more to offer, as he gets compelled to encounter another dreaded tiger along with some human enemies.

Will he succeed in this battle between the Good and the Evil?

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Peter Hein and Mohanlal: A dream combo

One of the notable highlights of this film is the impeccable stunts choreographed by Peter Hein.

Mohanlal, even though 56-years-old, has performed in some daring stunt scenes, that too without the services of a duplicate.

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The climax fight scene is awesome to watch, and it is something which we have witnessed only in Hollywood movies.

The VFX is excellent, and the scenes involving the tiger made with computer graphics is a sheer treat to watch.

Final verdict and box-office prediction

The Malayalam version of "Puli Murugan" has already collected more than Rs 150 Crores from the box-office. Now, "Manyam Puli" has received positive reviews from the Telugu and Tollywood audiences, and it clearly indicates that this movie may cross 100 Crore in the coming days.

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