Already established in the US, Shudder has now been made available for the UK and Ireland audience and has a current catalogue of more than 200 chilling titles. With around 80% of their collection unavailable to stream through any other provider, if you're a fan of horror, this might be worth checking out. The selections have been 'curated' to appeal to dedicated fans of the genre and fills a gap that can't be plugged by the usual streaming giants.

Masters and Legends

Although the current offering is fairly limited in comparison to the major streaming channels, Shudder has begun life with some classic titles, such as Dario Argento's 'Tenebrae', Clive Barker's 'Hellraiser', and Tobe Hooper's horrendous tale of terror in the South, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


New releases already available in November have included Rob Zombie's 'Halloween 2', the incredibly worrying 'Necromantik' and the ever pleasant 'Cannibal Holocaust'. Probably don't watch these while you're eating. Or maybe even for an hour or so afterwards. Aside the ability to make you lose your lunch, the service includes a range of movies that, you can bet your life, you will never find on Netflix.

Gory Categories

One of the great things about Shudder is that it has, very helpfully, divided its collections into categories. Depending on what type of horror you're in the mood for, you can browse by Weird Science, Winter Chill, Psychos and Madmen (my personal favourite), and Flesh Eating Frenzy, amongst others.

There is also a Human Monsters and Serial Killers section, for those of you who love nothing more than catching up with the stories of real-life homicidal maniacs. Each category has its own horrors (quite literally) and it can be quite difficult to know which side of human depravity to delve into first.

On Demand

You can enjoy endless hours of spooky entertainment with round the clock viewing and new titles are being added to the online collection each week.

As with Netflix and Prime, you can tune into Shudder via the usual avenues, including their own app. Shudder is currently offering a free 7 day trial period, where you can sign up and terrify yourself for free before deciding whether you want to sleep again, or whether you think insomnia and that baggy eyed look suits you. After that, charges are set at £4.99 per month, or £49.99 for a year. The service is also ad-free.

Best lock your doors before you get started, though...