Clarkson has lambasted an "Argentinian" airport worker in Germany, accusing him of deliberately preventing the former Top Gear star from getting on his flight.

Jeremy once again causing controversy

The 56-year-old has claimed his team was barred from getting onto their British Airways flight to Heathrow by Manuel Pereira, claiming the airport worker told him at the departure gate: "I'm from Argentina, so f--- you."

However, a spokesman from the Stuttgart Airport claims that Clarkson and Co. had missed several calls in the lounge and that Pereira is, in fact, Spanish and not Argentines.

While working with the BBC, Clarkson, with James May and Richard Hammond were forced to flee Argentina in 2014 while filming a Christmas special of Top Gear.

One of the cars that the men used to make the 1,400 mile journey, a red Porsche, had a registration plate which read "H982 FKL", which some locals suggested could be a nod to Falklands.

Maybe it'd be considered somewhat an act of clutching at straws by the Argentines, until we remember that the conflict took place to 1982.

What might be a delusion is that an Argentine policeman claimed the the digits 269 on the number plate of Richard Hammond's Ford Mustang were close to the 255 British people killed during the war.

Not just that, he went on to claim that the numbers 646 on the Lotus, driven by James May, could be taken as a reference to the 649 Argentinian casualties.

An oversight from the former Top Gear trio, surely.

Did he commit a hate crime?

Reutlingen police have stated that the television crew were in the lounge of the airport and did not hear an announcement saying their flight, which was meant to be delayed, was going to be on time.

Clarkson, who eventually flew home with easyJet, also accused the agent of telling his colleagues they were too drunk to be allowed on the flight, even though he claims that they'd only had one can of beer.

Later on, the police said that they were not aware of any "hate crime" but Jezza suggests that they told him it was a hate crime and that the offender would be arrested.

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